MegaBassBeats Mod for Samsung Galaxy S3

MegaBassBeats is here to bring you the best music experience.

• Louder output in headphones and speaker
• Bass enchantment,noticable
• Chrispier,much clearer sound
• DSP manager included in the installation It works perfectly fine with the Samsung Galaxy S3.

Procedure to install:

1. Download “MegaBassBeats [SGS3].zip
2. Boot to CWM Recovery.
3. Apply it as an update ZIP in CWM Recovery.
4. Wipe Cache, Dalvik-Cache and Fix Permissions (optional but highly reccomended).
5. Reboot.

Enjoy your music.

World of Warcraft: Cataclysm boot animation for Samsung Galaxy 3 and Ace

XDA-Developers Senior member D@rekills4 has made a boot animation for 2 phones viz. Samsung Galaxy 3 and Samsung Galaxy Ace.

To check out this logo head over to the following link and watch the ending of the video:

Samsung Galaxy 3:
Samsung Galaxy Ace:

Once you download the file, flash it via ClockWorkMod Recovery or you can extract the “” from the file and place the boot animation in “/system/media/” manually.

3 ways to boost your Android phone.


One thing about low end Android phones is that they may get slow sometimes, so here is a guide that will help you guys to increase your Android phone’s performance. Lets get started,



1. Kill apps.

The first and most useful one would be to kill all the apps and processes which are running in the background and are slowing down the phone. Android does have a feature to close these apps by itself to free up memory but some apps are specifically coded to not close down even when in the background to prevent the losing of important data, but if they are not being used the device’s user then its pointless to keep them running. So for you should use the in-build Task Manager to close these apps or if you want to use a third party task manage then here are two recommendations:

Advanced Task Manager

Advanced Task Killer




2. Update all the apps.

That’s right, may not seem so useful but it is. The non-updated version of all those apps you have been using might have battery drain issues (even vulnerabilities) which may have been patched in new versions of those apps. So make sure you update them.

Also, Play Store does not show updates of those apps which have been not installed from the Play Store, so here is an app which will check for updates by itself rather than using Play Store.

App Update Notifier





3. Clear cache and other thrash.

Now this one is quite important, Android apps generate a lot of cache, mostly as you use various internet services. And keeping the SD Card clean is also quite important. Android requires to store a lot of files in the SD Card or the external memory so it scans the SD Card for various files it requires regularly. If the SD Card is filled with a lot of crap then this will probably slow down the process. So please delete all the thrash and useless items in your SD Card.

Android Assistant(18 features) is a good app to remove cache and system history.




Android Assistant(18 features)’s ‘Quick Boost’ feature can be used to clean up RAM by killing unused services and apps.


SD Maid is a good app for cleaning up your SD Card.


Amazing Uses of Your Cellphone Camera

A cellphone camera can well, be used for clicking photographs, but there are many more interesting and time-saving uses of this handy cam which is almost always with you!


Any cellphone having a camera of 2 MP can capture half of an A4 paper with text in a quite nice readable quality. And all camera of 3.2+ Megapixels can capture clear scans of pages of A4 size or more. Rather than using a scanner and wasting a few minutes in the whole process and you can just scan and save documents using the CamScanner app or any such similar apps.

Capture Screenshots

When the PC freezes or crashes, you can capture those blue screens with the cellphone camera as your computer’s “Print Screen” feature will not work at that moment. You can also use it at the time of installing an Operating System or changing system setting and BIOS.

Safe Travelling

You can capture the picture of the number-plate or the Driver Details usually written near the front passenger seat and send it through Whatsapp or BBM or e-mail to your family member or friend immediately. This habit can prove to be of very high value, especially for females, in case something unfortunate takes place.

Capture Maps

When you have configured the directions to some place or maybe just the map of that place, and you are in a hurry or don’t have internet on the cellphone, you can quickly switch the map into full screen by pressing the F11 key and snapping the screen.

The maps that are found in malls, shopping complexes, hotels, colonies, amusement parks, etc. can also be captured and referred multiple times when roaming in such places.

Address Finding

When going to somebody’s place who lives in a bungalow society, even after you reach the society using Google Maps, it gets pretty difficult in finding the exact bungalow by searching the bungalow nos. on each bungalow, if you can ask the someone to send you the picture of the bungalow from outside, it can be much more easier to find the exact bungalow, just by looking at them from far. The same can be done by you by sending your place’s picture to your guests.

Renting or Lending a Vehicle

When you are about to lend someone your car, capture the pictures of the vehicle from all sides and specially all the dents and scratches, so that when you are getting it back, you can compare it with the picture and find any new ones. The same should also be done before renting a vehicle so that you can’t be falsely accused of any old damage when you are returning the vehicle.

Keeping a Watch on Your Diet

You can capture the pictures of all the food that you eat right from the time you get up till you sleep, for calculating more accurately the amount of calories consumed on one particular day. You can also use it to find out about that unknown delicacy that you had eaten on some particular day and liked by showing it’s picture to others or scanning it on Google Goggles and getting more information about it.


App Review: Dual File Manager XT

Hello, this is Pristic from and today I am going to review a file manager that has been on the Play Store for a long time, its known as “Dual File Manager XT”.

Lets get started.

The app, just like it’s name has two tabs as seen in the screenshot below:

image image

You can see more files in the second tab than in the first one. Cause they are hidden. More about that later.

Let’s check out the different features of this app by pressing the menu key.


The select option here can be used to select and deselect all the files.

You can select a set of files, press menu and tap the create button to make a ZIP or TAR archive.

image image

You can use the “View” feature to sort files and view by thumbnail view.

image image


Rather than explaining all the settings, I will just show you their screenshots.

image image image image image image image

Above in the Filesystem settings screenshot you can see if you want to hide hidden folders in any tab.

And lastly, you can long tap a particular file to play with it and view it’s information.

image image

This is an amazing app by Medieval Software and I have been using it for an year now.


CyanogenMod 9 Boot Animation for Samsung Galaxy Ace.

D@rekills4 from XDA-Developers has ported the CyanogenMod 9 boot animation for Samsung Galaxy Ace.

YouTube Link:
Download Link: 9 boot animation [Samsung Galaxy Ace].zip

How to use :
1. Download the boot animation.
2. Rename it to “”.
3. Replace it on your current Boot Animation in “/system/media/” using and root file manager.

Credits :
Cyanogen Mod Team for making this Boot Animation.
D@rekills4 for making the boot animation.
Ace King 34 for testing it on his Galaxy Ace.

Happy 5th Birthday Android!

Yes, you heard it right.
Today is the fifth birthday of the Android OS.


Five years ago, on 5 November 2007, the newly formed Open Handset Alliance unveiled Android — an open-source operating system for mobile phones.

Google and its team has done a terrific job regarding Android and has brought great competition to the mobile market with its current largest competitor, Apple.

We wish you luck Android and hope you will prosper for the remaining of time and will spread across other platforms and not just mobiles and tablets.